VinCSS-PenTest® - Penetration Testing

Assessing and Reporting on Weak Points and Vulnerabilities
Providing Advisory and Fortifying IT/SCADA/IoT Systems

In compliance with the international standards and cyber security frameworks, VinCSS offers cyber security assessment services on every single component of the IT/SCADA/IoT systems and gives detailed reports on discovered weak points and vulnerabilities. In addition, VinCSS also provides advisory and fortifies the IT/SCADA/IoT systems.
The level of vulnerabilities is evaluated based on factors such as technical factors, ability to exploit and business activity impact. Moreover, we also consider the characteristics of your organization to recommend the most suitable solutions.


VinCSS-Threat Hunting®

Actively Hunting for Network Threats 24/7

VinCSS-Threat Hunting® actively hunts for network threats, indicator of compromise and data breaches in IT/SCADA/IoT systems of the organization. We proactively detect and alert missed security threats, thereby minimizing security risks for our customers.


VinSOC® - Cyber Security Monitoring

Proactive, Continuous, Automatic and Comprehensive Monitoring
Timely Analyzing, Alerting and Responding to Threats

VinSOC®, a next-gen IT/SCADA/IoT SOC of VinCSS, effectively works and significantly reduces the response time to threats by applying Artificial Intelligence technologies, Machine Learning and Big-Data to automate business processes and improve investigation capabilities.
Specifically, VinSOC® connects/collects all resources through agents/log forwarders, setting up passive information collection points (SPAN/TAP/Network broker, etc.), and using hand-crafted connectors/APIs for non-standard data types.
VinSOC® uses Big-Data platform and various AI/ML applied engines with advanced algorithms and models for centralization and automation.
VinSOC® also provides continuous and comprehensive Cyber Security scenarios to help your organization respond timely to incidents. This is an important element of Adaptive Security Architecture.

[*] Adaptive Security Architecture is researched and developed by VinCSS to prevent APT attacks and protect organization's important data.


VinCSS-Defense & Response®

Defending Systems Using Modern Network Defense Architecture
Earliest Detection, Fastest Response and Least Impact

VinCSS-Defense & Response® offers comprehensive protection of the IT/SCADA/IoT systems for your organization based on surveying activities and detailed assessment. Therefore, we are able to implement the most suitable and proactive defensive measures to achieve the Adaptive Security Architecture.
In addition to the standard procedures for Cyber Security incidents, VinCSS-Defense & Response® customizes workflows/playbooks specifically for your organization, focusing on the organization's goals, and reducing up to 60% of response time compared to traditional responding methods. Combining with VinSOC® Cyber Security Monitoring services, VinCSS-Defense & Response® will minimize the time to detect incidents and further reduce the response time up to 90%.


VinCSS-Threat Intelligence®

Deep Understanding of Threats

By collecting and analyzing information about cyber threats, VinCSS-Threat Intelligence® is an active protection method which aims to provide your organization a deeper understanding of threats.
Using data collected in real-time from a variety of sources, VinCSS-Threat Intelligence® offers comprehensive and up-to-date scenarios of potential threats to your organization.



Raising Awareness of End Users
Equipping Professional Knowledge for Network Security Personnel

In compliance with the Vietnamese and international cyber-security standards, VinCSS provides training courses to raise end-user awareness and enrich professional knowledge for your cyber-security teams. Training courses are carried out by leading Vietnamese and international cyber-security experts, and delivered to students through various methods such as online training and on-site training. In addition, VinCSS continuously updates course content to ensure timely access to the latest information, in accordance with cyber-security orientation and policies.


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